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Posted 7/16/2011 9:56:19 AM
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I hope to find someone who can help me out of a problem I have with Classic ASP:

I have have an URL where I can send a request to. If the request is true, I get a PDF file back:

Example of a request:

When I send this, they send me 12345678.pdf back so I can download it.

I have tried this code, but it doesn't work:

url = ""

br = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT")
set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
on error resume next "GET", url, false
xmlhttp.setRequestHeader "User-Agent",br
xmlhttp.send ""
if err.number 0 then
response.write "Url not found"
response.write xmlhttp.responseText
end if
set xmlhttp = nothing


Any Help Will be greatly appreciated,



Kansarax Buda
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