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SQL 2005: SQL Server Integration Services
Data Export

By: Zack Turnbow



Continuing in this SSIS introduction series, I will be covering how to export data, more specifically how to export data to a flat file. I am still building on the previous articles so if you missed out on those, please get familiar with them first.

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First, create a new package in the SSIS project. Since much of the same functionality is being used from the previous package, I will show a quick way to move functionality from one package to another. Load the Sort package with the Control Flow as the active tab. Right click on the Data Flow Task and select copy. Move back over to the new project and in the Control Flow paste the copied Data Flow Task into the work area. Click over to the Data Flow work area and all of the components from the Sort package will be there. The only item(s) that are not copied are the connections from the Connection Manager area. Re-create the Vendor A and Vendor B connections and re-configure each Flat File Source.

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Now it is time to make use of the Flat File Destination component. Find it in the toolbox and drag into the work area. Connect the output of the Merge component to the Flat File Destination component.

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As with any source or destination components, a connection needs to be created, so right click in the Connection Manager area to create a Flat File connection. As you can expect, it’s the same as create a Flat File connection for the Flat File Source components. The file doesn’t have to exist yet so all that is needed is the correct file path and name.

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Make sure to view the Columns tab to have the connection manager perform a test parse of the file. Since the connection is ready to go, open up the editor for the Flat File Destination. On the first tab, select the newly create flat file connection from the list. Next, go to the mappings tab and make sure the column mappings are correct.

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Testing the Package

As before, if there are no configuration issues, it is time to test the package.

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After the packages runs, go to the directory that you configures for the Flat File connection. There you will find the file that the package created. Open it up in your favorite text view and you will see a list of all the items processed.

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What have we learned?

How to configure a Flat File Destination component.
How to export data to a file.



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